Jones Family Recipe
This is a homemade recipe created by the Jones Family. There are no real amounts to make the pie, only an ingredient list. About a gallon of strawberries, washed capped, and crushed. (They used wild Strawberries.) Add sugar to taste. Refrigerate, while making crust. Back in the Early 1900-1920's when this originated there was no premade Pie Crust. So this part of recipe is an update.
Use any either premade standard recipe bread type piecrust. Or look up a homemade biscuit recipe and create piecrust using that recipe. Make enough dough, or use enough pre-made crust to create 6 to 8 crust approx 6-8 in diameter. Instead of baking the crust, use a cast iron skillet, and fry the crust until cooked thoroughly on each side, if they are slightly brown, its okay. Place each crust on wax paper or parchment paper to dry thoroughly. When crust are dry retrieve strawberries from refrigerator.
Get a deep dish of some kind, large enough to hold crust plus a little extra room. Place some strawberries in bottom, then, place a crust on top. Next pour strawberries over the crust. Repeat until all the crusts are used. Pour remaining berries over top. Refrigerate until ready to serve.