Marie Jones   Phillip Jones
Eggs 1 per piece of toast plus extra*
Dry or Stale Loaf Bread (Day old or two day old)**
Use a Flat bowl large enough to hold three eggs scrambled. Break eggs into bowl. Add pinch of salt or less, and pepper (use plenty of black pepper).
Use fork to break eggs (or a whisk, Mother and myself use a fork), mixing almost to point eggs are completely incorporated. (You can see some white and some yellow).
Prepare Cast Iron Skillet: Use Vegetable oil, (Bacon Drippings, Lard) or Butter. Heat iron skillet; add oil, or butter, to pan until bottom of pan is just covered when melted. Allow pan to heat oil or butter until point just before it starts smoking. (You can see some movement of the liquid).
Take Bread (should be dry but not hard) place in bowl of eggs. Let eggs soak in somewhat, flip over on other side and repeat. (Use fork or Tongs to flip) when egg is soaked in remove from bowl, place in Pan and fry raise up a corner check to see egg is slightly browned. When Brown, flip on other side, brown on that side as well.
Serve with Maple Syrup, or Light brown Karo Syrup. French Toast.
* For each extra piece of Toast you dredged in egg mixture, you will have to add one extra egg. Scramble and add salt and pepper. If there is any left after fixing last piece of toast, pour into the hot Pan, and stir. Makes Scrambled eggs take out of pan before eggs get completely dry. (They continue cooking even when place on plate, saucer, or bowl.)Content for class "ContentsPad" Goes Here
** You want dried Loaf Bread because, when eggs soak into bread makes bread soft. If bread is fresh it will almost disintegrate. You could use fresh bread, but sit out over night, or during the day 8 hours or so. Or I guess you could place in hot oven and dry out then let cool.