Marie Jones/Beth Jones(Quick Recipe)
1 stick Butter
Fruit *
½ Cup Sugar
*(two Cans of Peaches in heavy syrup as example. You can use Blackberries, Blueberries, and Strawberries.)
Directions (Filling):
Put in pan, heat until butter melts.
Ingredients (Dough for Top):
1- cup self-rising flour
1- cup sugar
⅔ - cup milk
Directions for Cobbler:
Stir until smooth Milk with Flour/Sugar mixture. Pour Batter over Fruit. Bake 375º for 25 minutes.


Marie Jones (Old fashion)
1 cup Fruit (approx. could be more or less depending upon size of Cobbler)*
1 cup sugar
½ to 1 stick butter
*Mother say use about a cup of Fruit, could be Cherry, Peach, Apple, Blackberry, Blueberry; fresh, frozen or canned.
Directions (filling):
Combine fruit, sugar, and butter mixture on stove let come to a boil.
Directions (for Dough):
In meantime (while fruit is coming to boil) make dough, like making for biscuits Roll dough out to cover pan (dish).
Place on top of fruit, and dot with butter on top.
Place in oven set at 375-400º. Cook until brown.
Then go mm mm good!
(This is an old time recipe more like her grandmother would do it. The way Mother learned how to do it.) She also says have plenty of your richest Vanilla Ice Cream on Hand. The pans/dishes mother uses are roughly 9 by 13 depends upon ingredients if you want it deep dish could be a smaller length and width the depth would be larger.
Here is an approximation of Mother’s Biscuit Dough Recipe. (You can adapt ingredients after Trial and error.)
One Large Bowl of Sifted Self-Rising Flour.
One to two palm full of caned Crisco, Snow Drift or similar. (Do not use Butter Tasting)
Buttermilk (start with a quart bottle you will not use it all)
Combine, Flour and Crisco in large bowl (Bread making Bowl, Large bowl to serve items such as Gravy Corn Green beans, etc.). Use either your hands to or bread making/Pastry Blender. (Has handle on one side a several rows of wires similar to a whisk on the other they are bow shaped.)
Once the mixture looks like fine looking dry pearls add buttermilk a little at a time until you get a soft ball of dough that hold together but is not dry and hard. Place out on a cloth that is on flat surface, sprinkle cloth and dough with flour. Use either hand or rolling pin to flatten and shape to size about ¼ to ½ thick to make biscuit. If you’re using for Cobbler, make about ½ or thicker, and size it to fit pan/dish cobbler will be in.