Marie Jones
There are two methods to make a Banana Pudding a Long way that takes a Lot of time the second method easier and shorter. First version shown is the easy way. The second way I will simply explain differences.
1 Box Vanilla Wafers (or equivalent)
1 Large package Instant Vanilla Pudding (prepare according to package directions)
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1 Bunch of slightly over ripe bananas*
1 Container of Cool-Whip
*(The skin of Bananas will begin to have dark spots. Most stores have red tape bananas, which would be perfect. Don’t use any that are bruised. 4-6 depending upon size.)
In a Rectangular shaped dish for example a 9”x 12” or smaller Pyrex dish, line bottom and sides with Wafers, sides with banana slices. Next pour some of the pudding. Then add a layer of Bananas. Pour some more of pudding.
Add another layer Bananas. Then pour rest of pudding. Top with Cool whip.
Put in Refrigerator until serving time
Here are the ingredients and directions for more complex version of the Banana Pudding. (only the changed items, and directions are listed.
Substitute for the instant Vanilla Pudding the Cooked version.
Look up recipe for creating pie meringuey ou need enough Egg Whites for the recipe.
Cook Pudding per directions on box. Set aside until needed.
Make meringue per recipe direction you found, or if you already know how to, do the way you normally do. Set aside.
Assemble as in recipe for the Easy Pudding, substituting the cooked pudding for the instant pudding. Substitute the uncooked meringue for the Cool-Whip.
Place in 325-350º oven. Cook until meringue mostly golden brown as you would for a Pie. Let cool before serving. Content for class "Pcenter" Goes Here