Boots was found as a 5 week old kitten at our doorstep. It appears that either the mother abandon her, or was killed by a car. The odd thing about this was, she was found by my mother, 2 weeks to the day, after my Dad died.

At first, mother didn't want to feed or give her water. But relented after a day. We took the kitten to vet got her shots. And, she been an enjoyable part of the household every since.

Looking after the kitten took Mother's mind somewhat off of Dad's death. Had Boots not come around, its my belief Mother would not be with us today. Mother and Dad had been married 61 years at his death. And she grieved so over his death. Boots has been part of the healing.

Boots has made mother laugh and, me grin at all her antics. And constantly amazes us at her abilities. For those Dog lovers out there, Cats have dogs beat by a long shot. She has unlocked the cat door we have installed in a basement door. She kills any kind of insect or bug that happens to cross her path, even jumping up twice her length, to snatch them with her paws out of mid-air. She can pickup a piece of treat, one piece at time like using a hand and plop it in her mouth like a baby feeding itself. Mother has taught her to rollover like a dog for a treat.