The International Society of Certified Electronic Technicians was created by the National Electronics Association (forerunner of the National Electronics Service Dealers Association); as a organization to create, design, and administer a standardized written exam (test) of the skills of the Service Technician. This exam was to be and still is called the Certified Electronics Technician Exam. Also, ISCET was (and still is) to take up promote the cause of Individual Technician's. And to help train, and keep up to date the skills of Technicians.It was determined there was a need for Certification of Appliance Technicians. Thus was created the Certified Appliance Technician Test (CAT). Along with this a subdivision of ISCET was created NIAS (National Independent Appliance Service).Today, ISCET has instituted Electronic CET exams. Registered CET program where a Service technician will receive a Registered CET status if they complete 20 hours per year of course study in their field of Certification. (To remain a Registered CET you must complete 20 hrs.per year of study verified by the organization that gave the course(s) .)

Among benefits of ISCET Membership are:

• Administering Associate and Journeyman Level Certified Electronic Technician Exams.(Recent addition to the program is the Certified Appliance Technician Exam.)

• ProService Magazine

• CET Study Guides

• CET Practice Exams

Other Course Study Materials. In 1973 I took and passed the Journeyman CET exam for Consumer Electronics (then called Radio - TV). In 1975 I joined as a member of ISCET. And, have been a member since. Several years ago when Life membership became available I was one of the First to become so.In 1977 I became a "CA" (Certification Administrator) for the Martinsville/Henry County area. I try to keep at least 5 copies of each exam. So I can accommodate 5 people at a time. I have 2 copies of the CAT exam, and I have one time received one copy of the Electronic version of the Associate CET Exam.

Due to lack of People, actually taking Electronics in my surround area, Although I am on CA list I have been asked to be put on Standby or inactive roll.