Electronics Technician Association-International

In 1976, Dick Glass, CET created Electronic Technician Association - International.

Before that time Mr. Glass held posts in NATESA and NESDA.Mr. Glass decided that NESDA / ISCET did not seem to address the needs of Individual Technicians, as he and some others in NESDA at that time thought they should.

Among his beliefs were, although Technicians should strive to become Certified; that should not bar them from membership in a "National Association. One item that has been especially embraced is Satellite / Antenna Service.For a yearly membership fee you can :

• Attend Yearly Convention.

• Receive by - monthly mailings with tech tips

• Mini - Business courses called monographs, instructing persons on business skills, and other aspects of business.

I have been a member since 1976 and became a Life Member when it became available.