The Eastern Professional Electronics Association

I became a member of EPEA (Formerly VPEA, formerly VEA) as a full member and was appointed Membership Committee Chairman in 1987. Since that time, I have held such post as: Recording - Secretary, Third Vice - President, State Treasurer (17 years), and "Registered Agent" of the corporation.As of June 12, 2005; I was nominated and voted in, as a "Life Member".


As of June 2009 THe Name has been changed to Eastern Professional Electronics Association (EPEA); with tenor of the organization changing from a State only organization to a Regional Association, with The Virginia Professional Electronics Association becoming an Affiliate.

The Virginia Professional Electronics Association or V.P.E.A. (originally the Virginia Electronics Association or (VEA) was created as a "State" Association in Richmond Virginia in 1964. Among the creators and Pioneers of this association were such names as :

• Cliff Shaw, E.H.F. - Richmond;

• John Purcell, C.E.T. - Richmond;

• Earl Talley - Lynchburg;

• John C, Wood, Jr. - Tidewater

The Birthplace of VEA as an organization can be traced to early meetings and organization in the 50's in Tidewater. People from Tidewater traveled the Commonwealth of Virginia, organizing various locals throughout the Commonwealth. It was these early organizational efforts that help get the State Association up and running.

General Information:

This is a Statewide organization of Professional Electronic Servicers and Instructional Institutions. The Primary Goal of the E.P.E.A. is provide the absolute best in Service to the owners of Electronic Products. This is accomplished through providing to service technicians, access to training on the latest technology, as well as by requiring all members to follow a stringent Code of Ethics.

It is "suggested" each member become a member of the National Service Dealers Association (NESDA), (but is not required).

Eastern Professional Electronics Association (Regional)
And Virginia Professional Electronics Association (State)

* Training:

The E.P.E.A/V.P.E.A. works very closely with the Manufacturers and Distributors of Consumer Electronics Products. " ... The majority of the monthly (Local Affiliate) meetings include a training program sponsored by one of their representatives. Recently at the Tidewater Local training has been provided by Zenith, Litton, RCA / GE (Thomason), and Panasonic to name a few. These programs provided invaluable training on their latest products. Additionally, technicians receive invitations to attend seminars which are given both locally and (for a fee) at the manufacturers facilities."At the yearly State (June) and National (August) Conventions, seminars and workshops from several hours up to 5 days (Nationally) are given with no extra charge.

* Information about Training, taken from article written by Richard Seriani, Portsmouth, in the "VEA Reporter" several years ago. "The VEA" had now become the "VPEA (Virginia Professional Electronics Association, now Eastern Professional Electronics Association (EPEA) "


Each member of the E.P.E.A. agrees to follow a Code of Ethics which has the primary purpose of providing our customers with the highest quality service at a cost which is fair both to the customer and the servicer. This is attained through technician training, purchase of up-to-date Test Equipment and Service Literature and by treating customers as we would wish to be treated.

Industry Relations:

If a problem arises in the customer - servicer - manufacturer relationship that seemingly cannot be resolved, the Customer, Servicer, or Manufacturer has the option of bringing it to the attention of the "E.P.E.A. Industrial Relations Committee." This Committee will make every effort to assist the Customer, Servicer, and Manufacturer to reach an equitable agreement.

Categories of membership:

Full -- Open to any Electronics Service Center Servicing Consumer Electronics Equipment such as: Television, Video Cassette Recording Equipment, Radio, Stereo, Two - way Equipment (CB Business Band Amateur Radio).

State Bylaws allow Full State membership any Electronics Service Dealership or person who join through a Local Affiliate that meets the Local Affiliate's Bylaws requirement, or as an At-large Member. (At - large memberships are available in areas in which there are no Local Affiliates.)

Associate: There are several classes of Associate membership.

Associate - Normal: available to Technicians
(or to retired Service Center owners not voted in as Life Members).

Associate - Partner: available to partner of any business not designated to represent Service Center in Full Membership Category.

Associate - Instructor: Available to High school and College (Technical School) Instructors.

Associate - Student: Available to Students taking courses to become Electronic Technicians.

Associate -Vendor: Available to Parts / Test Equipment / Service Literature Vendors that would like to join and help promote EPEA.(Includes both employer and employee.)

Lifetime & Lifetime Honorary: These last two classifications, are given to people who have retired from business and have been members of the Association who have provided service to the VPEA throughout their career. Or to non members whom we have deemed to have provide service to the EPEA or to the Electronics Field in general.(See notes below for explanations.)

Members voted on in a given category, according to a local affiliates bylaws will be accepted in that category by the State Association. Except that Lifetime categories voted upon locally must be voted upon by state in order to be recognized as such in the State Association.


Full Membership ($48.00 per year.)*

Full-At-Large membership ($48.00 per year.)

Associate Membership
(includes Associate-Normal, Associate-Teacher, and Associate - Student. $24.00 per year.)*

Associate - At Large Membership
(includes Associate-Normal, Associate-Teacher, and Associate - Student. $24.00 per year.)

Associate-Vendor -- Corporate ($50.00 per year.)*

Associate-Vendor -- Corporate Employee ($50.00 per year.)*

Lifetime Honorary membership (no Dues required.) ***

Honorary Lifetime membership (no Dues required.) ****

*Does not include Local Affiliate Dues.


Lifetime Honorary:

Bestowed on individuals who have worked for the betterment of the Electronics Industry in general. These (this) individual may not have been a member of the EPEA/VPEA. This is strictly an "Honorary" Title. Persons holding this title have no voting privileges. However; they may be allowed to, serve on Committees, and participate in discussions.***


Bestowed on individuals who have worked tirelessly, selflessly for the EPEA in specific, and the Electronics Industry secondarily. Usually bestowed on those who have long service with the EPEA and the Electronics industry and have retired from active business participation. They may be allowed to vote. And they may be allowed to hold office (if willing).***