Certified Electronics Technician

C. E. T.

The Certified Electronics Technician Program was created around 1966 by the then National Electronics Association the forerunner of the National Electronics Sales and Service Dealers Association. The exam was created to test the knowledge, skill, and proficiency of Technicians in the Electronics Field.

Original Journeyman Test given were: TV - Radio, MATV, Biomedical, Communications, and Audio. Tests now include: Radar, Computer. In the last few years it was decided that a national proficiency exam should be created for the "White Goods" industry and the C.A.T. Certified Appliance Technician exam was created.

In 1973 three years after I Graduated from Danville Community College (in Danville, Va) with a Diploma in Home Electronic Entertainment Equipment Servicing; I took and passed the Journeyman Certified Electronics Technician's Exam in Radio - TV. I was fortunate enough to become a Virginia CET. (CET VA 70.)

Around 1975 the International Society of Certified Electronics Technician was created to oversee the CET program; to research and update new test questions and exams; to administer the CET Program and to represent individual Technicians much as NESDA (formerly the NEA) was created to represent the Service Dealers.

In 1976 , I became an ISCET member and in 1977, I became an ISCET Certification Administrator for the Martinsville/Henry County area. I try to keep at least 5 copies of the most popular exams.

Lately ISCET has experimented with Computerized Exams (Not computer category -- but; exams that can be taken on a Computer). I added this to my inventory of exams. Currently only the Associate portion of the CET exam is available however; ISCET is committed to adding other sections. As new sections become available, I will be adding those sections.