Mother was born Annis Marie Harris in 1924. She was the 5th of 7 children, two brothers were the oldest, the remaining being sisters. Times were tough. But the children occasionally visited their Grandparents during the summers if they desired. Mother and her brother Stanford, went to their grand parents, Martha Alverta Fulcher, and James Tyler Fulcher in summer 1934, they remained through school year, and went to school at Patrick Springs School in Patrick Springs Va, they remained through summer 1935. Stan went back home Early Summer of 1935, because his mother called him home, due to constant ear infections, the result of swimming in the local pond too much. Mother stayed on. It was the summer of 1935, that this page is about. Mother had turned 11 in September of 1935.

Ma at 7
Mother at 11

That fall, an incident happened that would change her life, and cause her to stay with Grandmother until she was 17 years old.

During the fall of 1935, her Grandfather was killed by a car (first ever death by an auto in Patrick County Va) he was taking Corn Tops to a Shed across the other side of US 58. A Preacher was driving the vehicle and dodged to miss Grandpa Fulcher. Grandpa Fulcher, Dodged the same direction. (Details in the Fulcher section of my web site.) This happened just 26 days after she turned 11.

Grandmother Fulcher, asked that my Grandmother (her mother), if my mother could stay, else she would have to break up Housekeeping. So her mother (my Grandmother) let her stay.

Great GrandMa kept Boarders as well, mostly tavelling sales people. However, a few were employed by the the D&W. This was before and, after, Great Grandpa's death.

You will notice on my web site, I mention about the Danville and Western Train (number 42). My Great Grandmother in order to make a living entered into an agreement to serve meals to the Train Crew of D&W #42.

Typical meals would include Cornbread, Buttermilk and various vegetables, and meats, and deserts. It was my mother's job, to run to train station to take the orders. She went as the train was climbing a steep hill just before the station, and wait for train to stop. While people were getting, off or on, and mail, and other items were loaded and unloaded, She would take the orders. Then she would run back to Grandmother Fulcher's House, give orders to her Grandmother. She also took the Baskets from the order from day before and dirty dishes, back to the house. The Baskets were re-packed, and Mother ran back and forth to the station with the baskets of hot food and cold milk, buttermilk or water. Then when the train returned from trip to Stuart, Va., she would pass out the baskets and receive the money 15ยข including the beverage. When she returned home the second time with the money, she would help wash the dishes. Then go back to school. Some days she would be told to stay out of school to help with Laundry, and help her Aunt to run the washing machine, her grandmother had. She had an Uncle (Penn Fulcher) she also had to help tend to, when he developed heart failure. While his wife worked to make a living. Life continued this way for my mother until the death of her Uncle. Because of erratic school attendance she quit school at the end of 10th grade. Her mother (my grandmother) was upset. But, the deed was done.

My Mother's Dad died in 1942, when she was 17. It was at this time her Mother (my grandmother), told her (Mother's) Grandmother she would have to return home. At that point Grandmother Fulcher, had to sell or give away all her belongings, breakup housekeeping and, had to stay with my Grandmother, and two of my Grandmother's Sisters, (one of which was the one, my mother, helped with the clothes washing while she stayed at her Grandmother's). The other lived across the street from my Grandmother. Then when that Sister moved, that sister's son kept her her turn. My Great Grandmother died at the age of 89, at that nephew's home.

Mother at 18
Mother at 18

In 1942,when Mother returned home at her dad's passing, she was 17. Just a few months later, her oldest brother who had come home on leave from the Army (stationed in Arizona at the time) developed a cold, while home attending Funeral of his dad. This turned into Pneumonia after after he returned to base. For whatever reason the, the army refused to treat him, thinking he had just a normal head cold (and putting on an act). He died just a few months after his dad's death.

During that year, my grandmother received a new Boarder that worked with the Virginia Highway Department. My mother took a shine to him, as him to her. They ended up marrying in 1944, while he was on furlough from army. the Boarder was my dad, Paul Morton Jones from Franklin County.

Life has been rough all through her life. Much of her rough life was due to me.
Mrs. Paul Morton Jones
(Annis Marie Harris)

Ma now
Mother Now at 86