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John Henry Jones Jones Family Crest Sallie Lee (Simmons) Jones

This is a partial listing for the Family of John Henry Jones and Sallie Lee (Simmons) Jones. I need information from Family members for when your parents were married, the children, when they were married, their children(s') names; up to the current generation. I'll add databases as information received.

It would be perfect if I could find Grand Parents names, births, deaths, when married, aunts and uncles; to both The simmons side of as well as the Jones Family.

(Dad talked from time to time of "Aint Sis", and "Uncle Creed". Aunt Sis I believe is on the Simmons side of the family, While, Uncle Creed is on the Jones side of the family.)

John Henry Jones was born June 12 1864, he died November 13, 1935.
Sallie Lee (Simmons) Jones was born September 29,1870, she died January 11, 1929. John Henry Jones married Sallie Lee Simmons March 18, 1887.

(Pictures have been sized for web page so that can be viewed without the need of moving right to left, left to right.) (If desired I can send originals which may be larger.)

Family Tree of John H/Sallie L Jones
Simons Family Tree
List of John H. Jones Brothers and Sisters
Cemetery Information for Jones Family Cemetery
My Mother and Dad and family
Glenwood Divers WWII Experiences
Other pages will be added as information is received. Contribution of Simmons Material made by Gaynelle Hulser, Ralph Divers Daughter
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Below are Pictures of the Jones Home place at the time Uncle Elbert lived there, and family photos.
HomePlace view 1 HomPlace View2 Henry A Jones
Jones Family Home Place View #1 Home Place View #2 Henry A & Sophia Sink Jones
Great-Grand Pa, Great-Grand Ma Jones


Jones Family ClaudieMae(Jones)Divers
Jones Family (my Aunts, Uncles, and Dad) Claudie Mae (Jones) Divers and Family
Top Left to Right:
Paul Morton Jones, Benjamin Jones, Helen Jones Scruggs, Alma Jones Dillon,
Lucy Jones Powell, Eva Jones Turner, Emma Jones

Bottom Left to Right:

Cecil Jones, Elbert Jones, Raymond Jones, Walter Jones.
(I gave Dad's Full name because we knew him as Paul. His family brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews knew him as Uncle Morton).
Top Left to Right:
Elbert Jones, Tommy Divers, Claudia (Jones) Divers

Bottom Left to Right:
Sallie (Simmons) Jones, Raymond Jones, Eva Jones, Eula Divers, Ralph Divers,
*Glenwood Divers on the end in front of Claudia.

*(It appears from a recent newspaper article this appears to be Glenwood Divers based on
looking at an old WWII Picture submitted for the newspaper article).


Dad & Relatives Dad Uncle Cecil Luke Divers Mom & Dad
Dad about 1942 with Friends or Relatives Morton & Cecil Jones, Luke Divers1927 Mom & Dad about time they got married
(1944) Paul Morton & Maries H Jones


Aunts, Uncles, Dad FamilyGathering
Jones Family Reunion Family and Friends Gathering (possibly in 40's)


Phillip M Jones, CET