My Mother Marie Harris Jones
My Father Paul Morton Jones

This is a composite of two pictures, in order for
the picture of mother to look correct, the picture
of mother had to be flipped mirror image.
Thus the apparent funny hairdo.

Paul Morton Jones, met my mother, at the time Annis Marie Harris, at the Boarding House of my future grandmother Mrs Edd Harris (Nina Myrtle Fulcher Harris). Dad had joined the Virginia State Highway Department besides running Motor equipment , he guarded Prison Camp inmates that worked on Roads. (One of the Roads he worked on was 57A on other side of Smith River). He has just been transferred with his Unit from Franklin County where he was raised to Henry County, Va (Bassett Stanleytown area). They dated. Dad was drafted into Army. in April of 1942, dad got a short Furlough and asked mother to marry him. My Grandmother admonished him, "If you mistreat her in any way , you'll have me to Answer to!" On April 5th 1942 they were married, in Rocky Mount, Va. After they were married Dad sent for mother and they stay at Fort Binning Georgia. He was moved around to various Camps and was Discharged in 1945. I was Born March 28, 1949. And My only brother was Born Jerry Keevin Jones on Dec 20, 1946. On July 28, 2005; Dad diead at the age of 93 with Alzheimer's disease. Mother is still living, She was 85 on Sept 2nd 2009.

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More Old Photo's

Dad in Uniform Mother when Teenager
Dad in Uniform Mother when Teenager

Dad and About time of Marriage
About Time of Marriage
(notice SharpShooter Medals
Dad won several despite being blind
in right eye)


Phillip Michael Jones

Littl Brother Keevin

Jerry Keevin Jones, little brother (his 6'5")
shown with his Grandaughter Sophia


Family Members