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This is Harris Family Tree of George Woodsen Harris, and his Dad William Harris. George Woodsen was married twice. John Edward (Edd) Harris was part of the First Marriage Family; while Maynard Franklin Harris is son from the Second Marriage Family. I've received new information from Leota Kneavel that I have added. I've filled in dates from information she sent. I've also made a PDF document of the pages sent.

I have no pictures of George Wooden Harris nor of his two wives. If anyone has any I would appreciate receiving them. I do have pictures of John (Edd) and Nina Myrtle (Fulcher) Harris. Also need Pictures of Maynard Harris, and his wife as well.
(Pictures have been reduced in size for viewing on Web. If interested in original sizes let me know.)
William Harris Descendent of John Woodsen Harris
George Woodsen Harris Family
John Edward (Edd) and Nina Myrtle Harris
Harris Fulcher Burials At Providence Church
Nina Myrtle (Fulcher) Harris Fisrt Home
Details on Harris Family Cemetery in Patrick Springs and some Details about George Woodsen Harris
Allie Mintora Rodgers Harris & George Woodson Harris
Parents of John Edd Harris
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JohnEddHarris Crest NinaMyrtleHarris
John Edd Harris
Grandpa on Mother's Side
One version of the Harris Family Crest Nina Mrytle (Fulcher) Harris
Grandma on Mother'sSide
Grand Mother's House
Uncle Mal Harris Uncle Mal
(Left) Uncle Malley("Mal") Cleveland Harris with Marie Harris (Jones)
at Nina Myrtle Fulcher Harris's home in Stanleytown, Va.
(Her mother, My Grandmother)
Uncle Mal by himself (Right)
MaynardMozelle juanita
Uncle Maynard Harris and Wife Mozelle.
Uncle Maynard was John Edd Harris
(My Grandfather) Half- Brother.
They had same father, but different Mother's.
Juanita Harris John Edd Harris Half- Sister.
FourSisters 3Sisters
Left to Right:
Gladys Harris (Murphy), Marie Harris (Jones),
Rainie Harris (Mathews), Barbara Harris (Martin)
Aunt Rainie (Matthews), Aunt Gladys (Murphy),
Momma (Marie Jones)
Charles, Dianne, Aunt Bobbie Daddy and Charles
Charles (Foley), Dianne (Foley), Aunt Bobbie (Harris) Dad (Paul Morton Jones) Charles Foley
Dianne, Charles, Linda
Dianne Foley (Frey), Charles Foley, Linda Foley (Heifinger)
Charles Linda Dianne
Charles Foley Linda (Foley) Heifinger Dianne (Foley) Frey