The original files were created in Filemaker Pro from documents received from Leota Kneval. S. T. Fulcher also supplied some information to Leota Kneval. They are listed in order from parents to oldest child. Children from parents of first marriages and additional marriages, are listed in different groupings.

Where persons were married more than once it is indicated. Please let me know of discrepancies, and I will correct any.

Great-Grandpa   Great-Grand Ma
GrandPa Fulcher Coat of Arms GrandMa Fulcher1
James Tyler Fulcher Harris Coat of Arms Martha Alverta Fulcer

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Verta Ranie Fulcher lived only four months.
Ruth Cornelia Fulcher died in childbirth.
Interesting Details:
* Detailed information about Eddie Jessie Taylor that married Aunt Eva Fulcher may also be of interest to some Taylor's looking for family tree information.
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Pictures and Music
Danville & Western Train (Dick & Willie Engine Number 42) Same Rail Road Line the song "The Wreck of the Old 97" is based on.

Number 42's Route was from Danville, Va to Stuart: With stops in Martisnville, Fieldale, Stanleytown, Bassett, Preston, Patrick Springs, ending in Stuart.

R. J. Reynolds (of Tobacco fame and fortune) has been quoted as saying had Southern Railway had not shut down the Stuart Line, he would have based his Tobaco Co in Stuart, Va and not Winston Salem, NC.
When mother lived with GrandPa and GrandMa Fulcher, the Dick & Willie went not too far from their Home. After GrandPa Fulcher passed away, Mother delivered food to Rail-Road Employees that her Granny cooked for, and sold to them.
Engine #42 B&W Note
Last Scheduled Run. Leave Stuart 7-22-42. Engineer Persy Fulcher.
(I believe it I supposed to be Percy, but its written Persy with an 's".)
Family Pictures
More Pictures of GrandMa Fulcher
Granny Fulcher2 GrandPa Fulcher 4 Granny Fulcher3
Staying at Aunt Gertie's Home Another Picture of GrandPa Fulcher.
This taken of John Tyler Fulcher (my Great GrandPa) by my mother shortly before he was killed as a result of a Vehicle Accident. He was the first Person ever killed in Patrick County as a result of a Car Accident.
(September 26, 1935)
Staying at Nina Myrtle Harris
(my Granny's house)
GrannyF and Daughters
Front, left to right:
Gladys East, Lena Norris, Gertie Fulcher, Myrtle Harris. Center back: Martha Alverta Fulcher, Granny Fulcher in back in the shade of the porch.
This picture was taken at:
Fairy Stone Park at one of the Cabins. Myrtle Harris my Granny had just had her glass eye put in. (Lost her Right eye due to glaucoma)
This is the best that can be done with this picture. The original was folded, damaging the picture. There were many spots I had to touch up. I couldn't do anything about the lighting.
Grannny Fulcher Aunt Suzie Gilley
Suzzie Fulcher Gilley & Martha Averta Fulcher Fulcher
Patrick Springs School 1912-1915 Class
1912-1915 Patrick Springs School Class Photo. Among people in Photo: Gladys Fulcher(East), Gertie Fulcher(Fulcher), Leana Fulcher(Norris), John (Dump) East, Myrle Fulcher(Harris) and others.
1930's Patrick Springs School
Patrick Springs School in 1930's Ruth Angeline Harris(Conway), Willie Harris, (my Aunts and Uncles) are among the Students in this photo.